Come with me on a journey through abstract expressionism as well as surrealism and cubism, in oil on canvas and limited edition prints, with a strong focus toward light and depth with a touch of mystery.

The inspiration derived from continuous travels and an insatiable curiosity, focusing on landscapes, shadows, horizons and mood. A never-ending quest for knowledge of history, architecture and nature is expressed in layers of paint and emotion, running the gambit of joy, peace and drama. My influences have been the glow of Turner, the drama of Kiefer, the "reaching beyond" of Braque and the boldness of Rothko.

I have been painting under the pseudonym, NORTHWOOD, since 1990. NORTHWOOD is a derivation of my family name, Nordholt. As an owner of an interior design firm, Interiors, Inc., for twenty three years, specializing in both commercial and residential projects, I feel the art should speak first, letting the surrounding compliment the art, with rhythm and flow.

I have studied informally with Megan Ueberroth and Michael Teague. The continuing exploration of studies as well as instinct and passion are the significant components in the evolution of the canvasses. I have a full time gallery representation at Gallery North, in Nashville, Indiana and I am affiliated with Broad Ripple Art and Design in Indianapolis.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."

Anaiis Nin

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